Somethin' Beat


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Music and arrangements by Michael Parque
All instruments by Michael except as noticed :

On "It's all in the head" : Rob Bielen plays Lefay bass and gibberish
On "The deal", "Undercover", "Say nothing", "Millenium dust" and "Bullet holes" : vocals and poetry by Charles Antony
On "Searching in vain" : vocals and poetry by Sandrine Medves
On "Illogical world" : vocals and miscellaneous sounds by Chris Silver T. and poetry by Theodoros Psichogios
On "Somethin'beat" : drums by Chris Silver T.
On "The beast" : Ralf Törzsök reading the Bible
On "Life is a feast" : vocals by Rob and friends
On "Outro" : vocals by Sandrine, Rob, Chris, Charles, Ralf and Alex


released March 30, 2011

Recorded 2010/2011 in Nantes and Paris, FRANCE
in Crawley, ENGLAND,
in Bilzen, BELGIUM,
in Athens, GREECE
and Stockholm, SWEDEN.
Mixed and mastered at 1/2Qi Studios in Nantes, FRANCE





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Track Name: The Deal
You want a deal
I'll do you a deal
For I am the dealer
You see I have contacts in high places
and some very low places
You want a deal
I'll do you a deal
Because I know what you want
Before you know what you want
Supply and demand
That's the name of the game these days
I do research
Business don't mean a thing without research
I've been watching you
How you talk
How you walk
How you shop
How you spend your time
I'm the guy sitting at the back of the bus
At the end of the queue in the supermarket
Lying on the bench in the park
You never notice me
For I am the shadow
But I know you alright
You see I've done my research
Am I right? - You don't recognize me, do you?
You want a deal
I'll do you a deal
Anyway, welcome to my shop
This is where I do my business
You see the sign above the door
'Sole Trader'! - Kind of ironic, don't you think
Well, what's life without a sense of irony and humour?
Just thought I'd point it out
as most people never read the signs
If they did, they wouldn't need me
In fact, a hell of a lot of customers
have no idea just what they're buying in to
They just tumble through the door
expecting a bargain, or a miracle
No bargains in here Mister
You have to pay the full price
As for miracles, that's not really down to me
But if you want a deal
Then I'll do you a deal
First, You have to know what you want
Second, Are you prepared to pay the price?
Third, I don't do refunds
Fourth, All complaints, to the management upstairs
And they don't take shit from no-one
Anyway, here's the deal
You tell me what you want
Probably something like Success, Money, Love, Freedom
You get the picture
Then I decide whether you can afford it
That's where the research comes in
'Cos, if you haven't worked for it
Then you ain't gonna get it
Or you might just get it
But you sure as hell ain't gonna keep it
You want something for nothing
Try the department downstairs
But you may have to wait, they're pretty busy these days
So, you want a deal
I'll do you a deal
And start saving now, if you want
to find out what you're made of
If you make it through the door
Everything is affordable
Nothing is cheap
And I will take a piece of you
I'm not talking body parts here
That's a different line of business entirely
Although, I did see one guy
try to sell his hands for a a pile of cash
Poor bastard couldn't even count his change
So be warned, Be careful with your desires
And don't go cutting anything off
There are no arms deals in this establishment
But if you want a deal
I'll do you a deal
And, by the way
We don't sell gift vouchers
We only deal with first party clients
You can't dream for someone else, sorry ladies
Anyway, that's enough promotion
Let's do some business
You know where to find me
The shop is always open
You want a deal
I'll do you a deal
For I am The Dealer
The Soul Trader
Welcome to your dreams!
Track Name: Searching In Vain
Dimmi se cerco,
Se cerco in vano, una scintilla di luce e di umanità nel tuo cuore.
Dimmi se c'è,
Dimmi cos'è,
Che fa andare la gente nella direzione
Che non voglio seguire.
Soldo, potere, Oro, parere...
Mi annoia questo nuovo mondo cosi vuoto e senza volto,
Andiamo, andiamo, ci fermeremo quando sentiremo
Un battito di cuore
Che sprigiona amore.

Tell me
If I’m searching in vain
A sparkle of light and humanity in your heart
Tell me if there is something
Tell me what makes people going into the direction I don’t want to follow
Money, power, gold, appearance
This new world without a face and so empty is boring me
Let’s go, let’s go
We will stop when we will hear love coming from a heart beat.
Track Name: Undercover
No-one said it would be easy
I peered into the darkness
and remembered my sealed orders
Tell no-one what you think
Tell no-one what you feel
Tell no-one who you are
Remain undercover at all times
"I'm here to help"
Whispered the shadow.
Sometimes I wake
in a crowd of people, but
must keep my hurting secret
And sometimes I feel so happy
I want to tell the world, but
there is no-one to share with.
"I'm here to help"
Urged the shadow.
I was wondering about the others,
The doctors, the clerics,
The politicians, the beggars
The jokers, the fools,
The writers and actors
Are they all hurting as well?
Do they think as I think?
Do they feel as I feel?
The shadow sighed
"Haven't you worked it out yet?
Have you not learnt anything from this mission?
Yes,they think as you think
And feel as you feel
You see, everyone else
is just like you,
Track Name: Illogical World
Είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για την ανθρωπότητα,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για αλληλεγγύη,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για σεβασμό,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για την ευγένεια,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για φιλίες,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για την αγάπη,
είναι λάθος να μιλάμε για ηθική,
σε έναν κόσμο που δεν έχει καμία λογική.

It is wrong to talk about humanity,
it is wrong to talk about solidarity,
it is wrong to talk about respect,
it is wrong to talk about kindness,
it is wrong to talk about friendships,
it is wrong to talk about love,
it is wrong to talk about ethics,
in a world that has no logical.
Track Name: Say Nothing
If there is nothing to say
Say nothing
If there is nothing to do
Do nothing
If there is no-one to love
Go look in the mirror.
Track Name: The Beast
“Odjuret säger till jordens invånare att göra en bild åt odjuret som har fått svärdshugget men kommit till liv igen. Och det fick rätt att
ge livs ande åt odjurets bild, så att bilden också kan tala och se till att alla som inte tillber odjurets bild blir dödade. Och det ser till att alla,
höga och låga, rika och fattiga, fria och slavar, får ett märke på högra handen eller på pannan och att ingen kan köpa eller sälja utan att
ha märket, odjurets namn eller talet för namnet. Här behövs vishet. Den som har förstånd skall tolka odjurets namn, ty det är
människans tal, och talet är 666.”

“And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many
as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free
men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell,
except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has
understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666.”
Track Name: Millenium Dust
I somehow feel I was there
When the four stars met and
Declared a miracle
Perhaps I was a man
Or a blade of grass
Or a grain of sand
Perhaps all of us were there
As a handful of dust
And the light that night
Such a flash of inspiration
Imprited forever
On our existence
Perhaps that is why we look backwards
Not forwards
To celebrate what is gone
Not what is to be
And after the hangover
And wounds have healed
What then
Or what now
The world may start a fresh
Now baptised once more
This time in lager and champagne
As alcohol becomes the new River Jordan
And Johnny Baptist
Now a bartender
Serves Tequilato the masses
Bless You, My Son!
For you have dollars to wave
As victory flags
After euphoria
Comes emptiness
Did you get laid on Millenium Night?
Did you sing and fall down?
Did you ever wonder why?
When all the dust settles
That is to become the souls
Of the next billion children
Let us not forget
As we hurtle towards our destiny
For each man
Must reach his heart
For each blade of grass
Must know his own truth
And for each grain of sand
There is always hope
Track Name: Life Is A Feast
" Nee, nee, nee, nee ! "
" Ik ben zo vol leven ! "
" Het leven is een feest en wie het meest heeft gefeest heeft het
meest geleefd ! "
" Wow ! "

“No, no, no, no !”
“I’m so full of life !”
“Life is a feast and the one who had party the most lived the most !”
“Wow !”
Track Name: Bullet Holes
I discovered two bullet holes
in my back yesterday
Quite by accident - Of course
Whilst contorting to scratch
between shoulder and spine
That area
between reality and possibility
My fingers grazed lightly
over the wounds
Now, mere dips in the landscape
Now, mere troughs in the memory
I examined my chest
for exit signs
Not a crease, dent, bubble or blister
These bullets were firmly lodged
as leaden shadows in the twilight
Unleashed by some karmic sniper
on the battlefield of dreams.
Any true super-hero
would have danced
caterwaulling and cartwheeling
straight through the enemy line
Not stopping
'till he reached the promised land
But me, - I had to be
sprayed in the back
whilst trying to kiss the white flag
And I realise now that
I have been carrying these bullets
inside me since birth
Along with the sense of guilt
and remorse that comes with
always running away.